Zac Davis

Richmond Protest Updates

Protest Info Found Here

Call To Action meeting in regards to the protest in Richmond, VA. Find out the outcome.
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Top Cities For Jobs in 2020, where does Richmond fall?

See top cities for jobs in 2020
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Kelly Clarkson

Wilson Phillips Join Kelly Clarkson For A Kellyoke Version Of Hold On

Kelly Clarkson and Wilson Phillips sing Hold On
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Richmond, Virginia

Top Capital Cities to live in, in the US

Check out most liveable cities in the USA & see where RVA ranks.
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Kelly Clarkson

Adorable! Kelly Clarkson's Kids Meet Aquaman

Kelly Clarkson's children grills Jason Momoa about Aquaman and it is absolutely adorable. They even ask if Aquaman hangs out with The Little Mermaid. Check out the video below! Video of Kelly's Kids Ask Jason Momoa Their Burning 'Aquaman' Questions
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This turns 38 today!!

MTV tuns 38 today!! On August 1, 1981, MTV launched the Music Video Network which turned into more of a Reality Show Network in recent years. Here's how it all started 38 years ago: Video of MTV Original Broadcast 8/1/1981
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Halloween, Candy, Date Change

How is Halloween candy out in July and who wants to move the date of Halloween?

How is Halloween Candy already in stores?? It's July.... Also there is a group trying to move the date of Halloween? What?! Read about the Halloween date change HERE
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Construction on Extended Express Lanes on I-95 starts TODAY!

This is good news. If your commute takes you to D.C. alot.... Construction on the I-95 Express Lanes between here and D.C. begins TODAY. They're calling it the Fred-Ex extension and the express lanes will be extended another 10 miles to Fredericksburg. Read the details and completion date for the I...
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Deaf Toddler Hears Mom Say "I Love You" for 1st Time

Finally! A good news story from my home state....FLORIDA!! A toddler born deaf hears his Mom say "I Love You" for the first time!! Read the full story HERE
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Daytona Beach Pier

Florida Man Gives Son Worst Swimming Lessons

Ugh, so embarrassing....this was in my hometown! So, "a Florida Man" decided to give his son swimming lessons by throwing his young son off the long Daytona Beach Pier in Daytona Beach, FL. Fortunately, a former cop saw all this go down and confronted the overserved Dad and help the boy get outta...
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