Wizard of Oz

Poll: Which Movie Scared You When You Were a Kid?

Twitter users everywhere are taking to a thread about the movies that traumatized them as kids. Some of the answers ended up being rather surprising. See the details.
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The Wizard of OZ is 80 !

I cant believe that this movie is 80 years old. I have always watched this movie on TV as a Kid. The movie would only come on once a year, when you saw in TV guide that it was coming on, you canceled all all of your plans!!!! so you could stay up to watch it.!!!! Now you can watch it 24/7 We will...
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NC theme park opens up in June for select dates

The "Land of Oz" theme park is opening up this summer in Beech Mountain, North Carolina!! I looked it up and it's about a 5 hour drive from here down I-81. The Wizard of Oz themed park will be open in June and a bonus day in July. For more info and how to get into the park, go HERE
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