Wicker and Wilde

The Top Reasons We Tell Ourselves As To Why We Don't Exercise

The person most likely to derail your attempt to be healthy is.........you! Sad but true and a few of the reasons include: - Unhealthy foods are just too tempting. - A lack of motivation. - I don't have enough time to exercise. - There's not enough time to make healthy meals. -. I have a "treat...
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Feel Good On The :50's - Cops Body Cam Shows Him Save A Baby's Life!

You will want to see the dramatic video So amazing. It will give you goosebumps.
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You Want A Safer, Healthier Planet For Your Kids......Don't You?

You bring your own bags to the grocery store. You recycle and you want to keep the planet healthy for your kids. Right? But you might be doing more harm than good at the shops. No doubt many will surprise you!
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This Could Be The Key To A Happy Marriage

Common advice for a happy marriage include "never go to bed angry" and "couples that laugh together stay together." What if we told you it's sleeping in separate bedrooms? It's called a sleep divorce and it may make your love last forever . <3
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Feel Good On The :50's - Baby Will Die Without Medicine

A newborn needs medicine that is only available in another state. But there is a blizzard raging! This father of 3 can't say no and heads into the wicked weather to save the baby .
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Mom Gets A Ticket For Letting Her Young, Potty-Training Son Pee In A Parking Lot

Yes, let the kid pee if he needs to.......
100% (10 votes)
No way, people do not need to see that....
Total votes: 10
When you gotta go, you gotta go! This mom was desperate to help her young son who needed to pee. The boy is young and potty-training. The cop didn't care and gave mom a ticket. Oh by the way she's also due to give birth to another baby this month near the time she's due in court. You can read the...
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She Used To Be All Over Your Radio And Then Vanished

You used to hear Natasha Bedingfield all the time. Then what happened? She started writing new music and now she's involved in empowering women. And she's not alone. She is joining a lot of your favorites to fight for equality. See what #freedommeans .
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THIS Will Make You Happier Than Money?!

Say What? We always here that money can't buy you happiness but let's be honest we all love money. But what if we told you something else really DOES make you happier than cold hard cash in your pocket. Find out what it is! You may already do this!
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Spring Restaurant Week Has Been Announced!

Rebecca Wilde loves to #iliketoeat on her social (and she does like to eat!) and Jeff Wicker loves to take his wife to new places for date night so they are both excited for Spring Restaurant Week which has just been announced. There are a few new restaurants involved including Brunch which is a...
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And The Biggest Security Threat To You Is????

The biggest security threat to you is not Russian hackers, it's not the bored teenagers who live next door and it's not the creepy guy down the street. This person is well-meaning but negligent and if you wanna know who it is.... drum roll please. ...
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