I Need You To Go Shopping For Me!

Whenever I post something on my social media sites referring to food, I will (hashtag) #iliketoeat. Let's face it, I do. Like to eat. And sugar is my favorite food on earth! That being said I will on occasion eat savory and I just read about a new cereal that is TOTALLY up my alley. Problem is that...
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Ellen DeGeneres Sends Staff to Walmart to Talk Song Lyrics

Ellen DeGeneres is at it again and this time she's taking her staff to Walmart.
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Waiter pouring red wine into wineglass.

Walmart’s $11 Wine Attempts Upscale at a Bargain

Over the summer, Walmart announced a line of wines that would make our pockets and our wallets as happy as our inner wine-lovers. Now, the $11-$16 bottles are lining shelves across the country.
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