WATCH: Goose falls in love with man's car, chases it for miles

While Johnson was heading to Hickman, Nebraska, to get ready to hunt, a Canada goose became obsessed with his car and wouldn’t leave the vehicle alone, the New York Post reported.
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Fight over masks breaks out on flight, woman tasered by police: report

A woman who reportedly refused to wear a mask was tasered by police during a brawl on a Spirit Airlines flight from New Jersey to Puerto Rico.
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WATCH: Ducklings Scamper Single File in ‘Quacktastic’ March Outside Police Station

Video shared by the Cedar Park Police Department on Tuesday showed two adult ducks and 16 ducklings scampering down the street. See the adorable clip on RADIO.COM.
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Nigerian Boy Gets NYC Ballet Company Scholarship After Dance Video Goes Viral

An 11-year-old Nigerian boy received a scholarship and an offer to train at the American Ballet Theatre after a video of him dancing in the rain went viral.
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Wicker and Wilde

Watch As This Woman Saves Her Choking Neighbor

A man choking runs to his neighbors house for help
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Feel Good

3 Year Old Girl Gets An Unexpected Birthday Surprise

3 year old girl gets a birthday surpise from her recycling guys
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Quarantined Couple Recreates Riding A Horse in Hilarious Video

This couple is feeling the full effect of the coronavirus quarantine. The couple just recreated riding a horse in a hilarious video that they posted to social media.
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kat simons

What Do Our Dogs Do When We Leave the House?

Let's admit it: We've all made that very thought as pet owners. Let's figure out what this woman is up to when it comes to her pets!
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Smart pup gets locked out of house and rings doorbell to get back in and it's on video!!

After getting locked out of her house at 2am, a Labrador Mix rings the doorbell to get back in. At first her owners slept through the doorbell ring and but eventually woke up and let her in and it was all caught on video. Video of Dog Rings Doorbell After Getting Locked Out
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Ouch!  Meghan Trainor has all wisdom teeth removed

Mix 98.1's Meghan Trainor documents her Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Mix 98.1's Meghan Trainor went in to have one wisdom tooth removed. It ended up that she needed to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed and of course she documented it on video for us. It wasn't her best day but it made for great content. Check out the videos HERE
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