St. louis

Stray pit bull stayed next to wandering toddler on streets until help arrived

Man’s best friend became more like baby’s best friend as a stray pit bull in St. Louis seemed to be protecting a young boy that had run away from his father’s home.
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5 Members of Family Test Positive for Coronavirus: 'It Can Happen to Anybody'

Five members of one family have tested positive for COVID-19. The family in Missouri who tested positive for the virus said, ‘It can happen to anybody.’
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Feel Good On The :50's - EBay Seller Gets The Sweetest Letter From A Buyer

An elderly man bought a vcr and wrote the seller he bought it from THE most heartfelt letter. Why does he need a vcr at 86 years old? Find out when you read the letter.......and the video is even cuter! Watch HERE
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