Woman catches cheating boyfriend after finding a clue in his selfie

In the world of social media, you can’t get away with anything. A woman called out her cheating boyfriend after observing a clue in his selfie.
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Kristin Cavallari reveals she thought about divorcing Jay Cutler 'every single day for over two years'

While Kristin Cavallari’s divorce from Jay Cutler surprised many fans, she reveals it was a long time coming though she said it wasn’t an easy decision. Read more to find out what led to their split.
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Dog Problems

Your Dog May Be Causing Friction In Your Relationship

Couples fight over the dog at least 3 times a week
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Shawn Mendes reveals hes in a relationship

Mix 98.1's Shawn Mendes admits to being in a relationship

Mix 98.1's Shawn Mendes admits he's in a relationship but stopped just short of saying who he was in the relationship with. In a Q&A session, he said since there's another person involved, he didn't want to talk out of turn....those Canadians are so thoughtful. C'mon now, like we don't know who...
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Researchers Discover What Women Find Most Physically Attractive In Men

If you're trying to find that special woman in your life, there's one particular part of the body that researchers have concluded women find the most physically attractive. And it probably isn't that part of the body you're thinking of.
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Doing the Dishes (or NOT) Is the Chore That's Most Likely to Ruin Your Relationship

Hey, fellas, take our advice: clean up the dirty dishes that are sitting your sink this weekend.
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Experts: Couples are More Likely to Fight at Night

If you find that you and your spouse or significant other tend to fight later at night, you aren't alone. Experts are saying that nights are the time of the yday when most couples get into arugments. Here are some of the reasons couples tend to get into it at night, according to researchers: 1...
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