Great Suggestions To Give A Little Boost To Your Relationship

Communicate It’s not always easy but it’s so important to let you you’re your partner how you are feeling. Don’t say, “nothing” when he asks if there is “something” bothering you. Take time out for each other Some people make a “date night” every week or at least once a month. Get a babysitter, if...
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From Cricketing to Serendipidating -- New 'Dating Slang' We Just Learned About

Ghosting. Stashing. Breadcrumbing. Every year we’re inundated with weird terms that describe how wonderful (or miserable) dating in the modern age can be. Well, we’ve got a bunch of NEW dating for you to start using in 2018. Here are three new ones that we just learned about: 3. Cricketing This is...
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Today (February 6) Is the Most Popular Day for Breakups!

If you're in a relationship, consider yourself warned about today. It is Red Tuesday . Red Tuesday, according to experts, marks the most common day of the year for a breakup., according to a survey from Illicit Encounters . The "holiday" falls about a week before Valentine's Day. Red Tuesday falls...
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