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Rescued Doggie Won't Stop Talking to Her New Mom!

This goofy, talking rescue pittie lifted the weight of the world off her mom's shoulders once she got adopted! Video of Rescue Pittie Talks To Her Mom Nonstop | The Dodo
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Feel Good On The :50's - Pit Bull Saves The Day (And Her Family) After Smelling A Gas Leak

Bully breeds get a bad rap. All dogs are individuals and capable of amazing feats. Sadie BROKE out of her house to get help when she smelled gas. She's being called a HERO and we agree.
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Pitbull performs at the 2017 Miss USA Pageant at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on May 14

The Internet is Furious About Pitbull’s Remix of “Africa”

Just one day after its release, the song already sits at a near 75% dislike rate on YouTube.
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