How to Save on Your Cell Phone Bill During Coronavirus

All the extra time you’ve been spending on your phone while in quarantine texting friends and family, Facetiming, browsing the web, and checking social media could be costing you unnecessarily. Find out how to save now!
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Recent College Grads Create Antimicrobial Phone Case to Protect Against COVID-19

Three recent grads from Vanderbilt University have created a cooper, antimicrobial phone case that can fight off COVID-19 germs. They’re now producing the copper-composite product at full scale.
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Experts Say Taking Selfies With Your Phone Are Worse Than Tanning

Turns out your phone emits a blue ray of light that will speed up aging. And let's face it, we don't ever take ONE selfie nor do we use just the camera. We go to different apps, with various filters and keep snapping away. We take them over and over until we get just the right one. So think about...
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