What Supplies Parents Need To Prepare For The Coronavirus

Parents should prepare for the Coronavirus
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Kids Tell Us What Kinds Of Things They Want To Do With Their Parents

Do you ever wonder what your kids would really like to do with you? You know, like go to the movies or putt putt like this picture of Jeff with his daughter Addy? Believe it or not a new study says that your kids just want a chance to bond with you no matter what the activity. The same study shows...
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This Organization Helps Homeless Kids Be Proud Of Their Parents

Most homeless parents worry about food and shelter for their kids. But what about the little (or big) things like a clean clothes so they can be proud to go to school or a prom dress that the family can't afford? That is where Alice's Kids comes in. Laura and Ron Fitzsimmons started the charity in...
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Feel Good On The :50's - Doing This As A Family Will Give Your Teen A Better Body Image

Doing this one simple thing will help give your kid a better image of their own body. Before you send your kids rushing out the door with a banana in their hand check it out.
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