Shawn Mendes reveals hes in a relationship

Mix 98.1's Shawn Mendes admits to being in a relationship

Mix 98.1's Shawn Mendes admits he's in a relationship but stopped just short of saying who he was in the relationship with. In a Q&A session, he said since there's another person involved, he didn't want to talk out of turn....those Canadians are so thoughtful. C'mon now, like we don't know who...
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Washington Monument opens back up next month!!

The Washington Monument has been closed to visitors since August 2016 and it's FINALLY opening back up for visitors next month!! See what day it opens, when you can go up it and how much it cost HERE
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Halloween, Candy, Date Change

How is Halloween candy out in July and who wants to move the date of Halloween?

How is Halloween Candy already in stores?? It's July.... Also there is a group trying to move the date of Halloween? What?! Read about the Halloween date change HERE
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Construction on Extended Express Lanes on I-95 starts TODAY!

This is good news. If your commute takes you to D.C. alot.... Construction on the I-95 Express Lanes between here and D.C. begins TODAY. They're calling it the Fred-Ex extension and the express lanes will be extended another 10 miles to Fredericksburg. Read the details and completion date for the I...
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The heat was so bad in Nebraska, they made biscuits in the car!!

You think it was HOT in RVA the last week?? It was so hot in Nebraska, they were able to cook biscuits....in a car....no stove needed. Great now we just need some honey or jelly and we got breakfast.... Read the HOT story HERE
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Daytona Beach Pier

Florida Man Gives Son Worst Swimming Lessons

Ugh, so embarrassing....this was in my hometown! So, "a Florida Man" decided to give his son swimming lessons by throwing his young son off the long Daytona Beach Pier in Daytona Beach, FL. Fortunately, a former cop saw all this go down and confronted the overserved Dad and help the boy get outta...
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