What The?! Netflix Changed The Ending Of The Notebook And People Are MAD

Holy cow! How dare Netflix change the ending to one of our favorite movies. It's sacrilegious! THIS is what the did and they better change it back otherwise they might have a revolt.
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Rocketman Trailer is out!!

The Elton John Biopic Movie "Rocketman" is coming to theaters May 31, 2019!! It looks REALLY good and if you're an Elton fan, you're gonna want to check out the latest trailer for the movie. Video of Rocketman (2019) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures
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Spongebob Squarepants

Work on a SpongeBob SquarePants Prequel Movie Is Underway

Are you ready kids? I can't hear you!
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A Star Is Born Review

Teeny Tiny Movie Review

I am a fan of both Bradley Cooper (future ex-husband material) and Lady Gaga ( I wish she would take me shopping) so I'm not sure why I didn't want to see this movie. But I didn't. However, I read a fantastic review, which I posted earlier on my blog that convinced me to go. I am SO glad I did. Not...
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This review of A Star Is Born changed my mind about seeing the movie.

I love both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. However, for some reason I had NO desire to see this movie. That is until I read this Review . Now I can't wait. Let me know what you think. Rebecca
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Mr. Rogers saves PBS.

One Minute Movie Review!

Listener Liz gives us a One Minute Movie Review on It's You I Like, which is about Mr. Rogers and how he keeps PBS on the air. Click HERE to see her review!
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Check Out the Trailer for Oceans 8

Video of OCEAN'S 8 - Official 1st Trailer
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disco ball

WATCH: 'Studio 54' Documentary Headed to Theaters

Watch the trailer for the upcoming 'Studio 54' documentary.
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