McDonald's introduces new all-day bakery menu with melty cinnamon rolls, apple fritters and more

We could all use some sweet, uplifting news, right? So, here it is: Wake up and smell the…cinnamon rolls! McDonald’s introduced a sweet new McCafé Bakery lineup for the first time in eight years. See more now.
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McDonald's to Close Its Company-Owned Dining Rooms Across Country Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

McDonald’s is closing all of its company-owned dining rooms across the United States, the company announced Monday. See the details of the new measures the chain is taking.
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The only "ski-thru" McDonald's in the world

Did you know that there is a Ski-Through McDonald's? There's only one of its kind in the whole world and you can order your Big Mac and Chicken Nuggets on Skis at a ski resort in Sweden and not even go inside. If you do want to go inside McD's, there's seating for 140! Video of McSki | McDonald...
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Feel Good On The :50's - This Little Boy Calls 911 When His Grandma Is Asleep

This little boy in Michigan got hungry while Grandma was asleep so he picked up and called 911. They sent an Officer to check on the boy and yes, made a special delivery. But not without a bit of a panic from the boy. The VIDEO is hilarious and sweet. So cute.......
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Feel Good On The :50's - 88 Year Old Retires....For The 2nd Time!

The VIDEO will warm your heart.
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Feel Good On The :50's - This Fast Food Employee Teased A Customer

Their relationship started off stranger than most. She ended up being in need and THIS is how he helped her out. #amazing
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