Kraft bringing Pumpkin Spice Macaroni & Cheese to U.S.

Kraft, the maker of what’s likely the world’s most recognizable boxed macaroni and cheese, is out with a surprising new variety specially flavored for fall.
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Kraft Mac and Cheese Rebranded as Breakfast Food

Kraft Heinz announced they will be rebranding their classic Mac and Cheese as a breakfast food in order to help end the shame of picky eaters who want to eat the delicious dish regardless what time of day it is.
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Kraft to Make 'Salad Frosting' to Trick Kids Into Eating Greens?

Spoiler alert: It's just ranch dressing re-designed So do your kids have trouble getting their greens in? Fret no more! Kraft has recently released 'Salad Frosting'! "Kids will eat anything with frosting, right?" the company says. — CNN (@CNN) June 11, 2019 It's basically...
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