Last-Minute Mothers Day Gifts!

Mother's Day is on Sunday. If you haven't gotten a gift yet it's not too late. Here are a few ideas to ponder.....but don't think too long or hard.....time is running out! -Fruit bouquets - Fresh fruit arrangements are pretty to look at but better than flowers because you can eat them too...
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Experts Say No Screen Time For Your Toddler.

Last year the American Heart Association said your kids had a better chance of being overweight or obese. Now the World Health Organization is urging you to keep the baby away from the screen for better sleep time and better brain function! The study says that kids under 2 should, instead of screen...
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Mom Gets A Ticket For Letting Her Young, Potty-Training Son Pee In A Parking Lot

Yes, let the kid pee if he needs to.......
100% (10 votes)
No way, people do not need to see that....
Total votes: 10
When you gotta go, you gotta go! This mom was desperate to help her young son who needed to pee. The boy is young and potty-training. The cop didn't care and gave mom a ticket. Oh by the way she's also due to give birth to another baby this month near the time she's due in court. You can read the...
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Feel Good On The :50's - Doing This As A Family Will Give Your Teen A Better Body Image

Doing this one simple thing will help give your kid a better image of their own body. Before you send your kids rushing out the door with a banana in their hand check it out.
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Easter Will Be Here Soon. If You Need Some Inspiration On Egg Decorating

Decorating eggs for Easter can be super fun. We found a great site to help inspire you and the kids for some extra special ideas. From silly to beautiful and everything in between. Happy Decorating!
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Little Girl Tells Her Kitty About God

Video of 'God Made Bailey': Little Girl Shares Sweet Story Time With Her Cat
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Feel Good On The :50's - Dad Puts A Microphone On His 4 Year Old

Video of 4 Year Old Mic'd up at Hockey
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Little Girl Dances To Beyonce And It's The Cutest Thing!

Video of Toddler Girl with Corn Dog Dances to Beyoncé
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Feel Good On The :50's - You Won't Believe Who This Boy Calls For Help With His Homework

Whoa! This boy had a rough day, needed help with homework and called THIS person.......will she help?
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How To Make It Snow

Place a white Crayon in the freezer Flush one ice cube down the toilet for every inch of snow you want Place ice on the front porch Run around the dining room table 5 times Wear your pajama's on inside out Lick the back of a spoon Do a snow dance (free form)
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