high school

Grandfather Lives Out Dream and Graduates High School Alongside Granddaughter

Even since William Bubb left high school in 1952 to enlist in the Army, he has always wanted to finish and graduate with a high school diploma. It finally happened alongside his granddaughter. Read more now.
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Saved By The Bell

Saved By the Bell Reboot is happening

After years of wondering what happened to the Class of '93 at Bayside High, NBC is bringing back Saved By the Bell! Your friends AC Slater, Jesse Spano are signed up to star and Zack Morris is now the Governor of California!! Read the full details about th SBTB reboot HERE
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Feel Good On The :50's - Love Is Timeless

For anyone who's a true romantic THIS story will melt your heart.
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The 8th Annual STEM Essay Contest Has Been Announced

This is for junior and senior high school girls who want to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. A chance at a $5,000 scholarship. Get the information HERE and good luck, Ladies!
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Teen Eats Alone Every Day.

Not everyone has a lot of friends and high school can be TOUGH! Especially if you have to eat lunch alone every. single. day. THIS boy never has to eat lunch alone again. Find out how HERE .
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