The 20 most haunted states in America

A new report by Slot Source released the top 20 most haunted states in America based on the number of ghostly sightings. The paranormal activity is monitored across all 50 states.
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Get Spooked at the Spooky Soiree

The event happens October 25th! "Welcome to a Spooky Soiree at the Dunnlora Inn! Join Scott Porter from Travel Channel’s Haunted Town’s and Haunted Live! And Psychic Medium Stephanie Burke from Kindred Spirits! Step back in time with us at the Historic Dunnlora Inn in Mineral, Virginia for a Spooky...
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Most Haunted Places in Richmond

For me, the most haunted place in Richmond is my house! As Halloween creeps closer, I wanted to get more into the Halloween spirit! So, let's take a look at the most haunted places in the 804, and perhaps even your backyard... 1. Altria Theater The Altria Theater, originally given the name The...
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