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Times Have Changed: What To Avoid At The Hair Salon

There Are Things To Avoid Once You return to your hairdressers
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Is It Safe to Go to Hair Salons as They Begin to Reopen?

The days of cutting your own hair are coming to an end as non-essential businesses, like hair salons, are slowly opening back up, but many are wondering whether or not it’s safe to go. Find out now.
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Hair Stylist Worked for 8 Days at Great Clips Location Despite Having COVID-19 Symptoms

A Missouri hairstylist served 84 clients over eight days while experiencing symptoms of coronavirus. Officials revealed other places the stylist frequented. See the details.
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Stylist Flips Wigs to Survive COVID-19 as She Waits to Reopen Her Salon

The COVID-19 crisis has struck hair salons and barbershops. A stylist in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, flips wigs to survive the crisis as she waits to reopen her salon.
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Do Blow Dryers Spread Germs in Hair Salons?

While you’re in quarantine, you may be thinking about how relaxing it is to get hair blown out at your local hair salon. Do blow dryers spread germs in hair salons?
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