Given a Gift When You don't have one to give

What To Do When You Are Given A Gift....And You Don't Have One To Give Back

Given A Gift When You Don't Have One To Give Back
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Dinner Is The #1 Most-Desired Valentine's Day Present So Where Will You Go?

58% of women want to eat dinner out on Valentine's Day. Who can blame 'em?! Especially if they are the ones who do the majority of the cooking. The Nation's top 100 restaurants have named just in time for the romantic holiday and can you believe 7 of them are in Virginia? We can....this state has...
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A Single Mom's Life Changing Gift

We often take having a car for granted. This single mom's life has been a struggle until Midas changes her life through a new program they have. Find out more and see the heart melting video HERE
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Billy Joel

You Can Send A Mother’s Day Card Featuring Billy Joel’s Music

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, but don’t panic if you’ve yet to get a gift—we’ve got you covered for all the Billy Joel-loving moms in your life.
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