full moon

Full moon

The First Super Moon Of The Year Is Coming On Monday

First SuperMoon of the year
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kat simons

First Full Moon of the Decade Will Occur As Full Wolf Moon

The Full Wolf Moon will peak on January 10th, this Friday! This year, the first full woman happens to coincide with an eclipse, and we're getting six of them this year! Did you know a full moon occurs only once every twenty-nine and a half days. So what does a "wolf moon" mean? It simply means it's...
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Nerd Alert! Wicker And Wilde Share Fun Facts To Know About Tonight's Full/Harvest Moon

Jeff and Rebecca both love a full moon and this Harvest Moon is extra special. We won't see it again for decades. Here are 4 things you should know about it . . . 1. It's this year's "Harvest Moon." The full moon closest in date to the Fall Equinox is always referred to as a "Harvest Moon." And...
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A Full Pink Moon Is Coming!

The Full Pink Moon will come tonight around 8pm . According to The Old Farmer's Almanac this particular moon gets its name because it looks like phlox. Other names include the Egg Moon and the Fish Moon. We here at Mix 98.1 can all agree those names aren't as pretty-sounding so we're gonna stick...
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