Several Airlines Ban Alcohol on Flights to Reduce Spread of COVID-19

In efforts to reduce the interaction between passengers and flight crew, several airlines around the world are implementing new, sobering rules for their flights.
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Poll: Should This Woman Have Asked to Recline Her Airline Seat?

The woman behind a now-viral video of an angry passenger punching her reclined seat is speaking out about the nightmare she endured on the flight. Read more to see what she said about the passenger and the flight attendant.
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Qantas Completes the World's Longest Commercial Non-Stop Flight

Qantas wants you to fly the friendly skies for as long as humanly possible. The Australian airline has completed the longest non-stop commercial flight in history, which clocked in at nearly 20 hours, according to CNN. Today, our first ultra long haul #QantasResearchFlight has set off from #NewYork...
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Pilot overserved before his flight

Airline pilot gets "over-served" before he's scheduled to fly to San Diego!

It's been awhile since we've seen a story like this: An airline pilot was scheduled to fly from Minneapolis to San Diego at 11am local time. One problem, when he arrived with his crew to fly the plane...they realized he'd been "over-served". Get the details HERE
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Man Loses Wallet

Wait til you see what this young man got with the return of his wallet. Check it out HERE
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