Dentists could raise fees, close businesses as COVID-19 keeps patients away

Millions across the nation may be delaying their dental appointments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dentists could raise fees and close businesses as pandemic keeps patients away.
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WHO: Avoid Dental Cleanings and Visits If You Can

Patients who have upcoming dental appointments may want to consider postponing their visits. The World Health Organization said people should avoid dental cleanings and visits to the dentist for now.
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Dentists Taking Necessary Precautions to Ensure Patient Safety

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll on reopening and a return to “normal,” many are still worried about visiting seemingly high-contagion spaces like the dentist’s office.
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Ouch!  Meghan Trainor has all wisdom teeth removed

Mix 98.1's Meghan Trainor documents her Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Mix 98.1's Meghan Trainor went in to have one wisdom tooth removed. It ended up that she needed to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed and of course she documented it on video for us. It wasn't her best day but it made for great content. Check out the videos HERE
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