Pumpkin Pie

Get Paid To Taste Test Pumpkin Pies

Make big money for eating pumpkin pie!
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Working Mom Receives $9 Paycheck After Bartending for More Than 70 Hours

A working mother from Texas shared a video that has gotten people talking about pay among waitstaff and bartenders. The mother received a $9 paycheck after bartending for more than 70 hours.
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Tax Free Weekend

See what's tax free this weekend in Virginia!!

From now through August 4th, it's a Tax Free Weekend in the Commonwealth. Save some money and get the back to school supplies your children need. The list of what's tax free this weekend can be found HERE
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Man Loses Wallet

Wait til you see what this young man got with the return of his wallet. Check it out HERE
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Learn How To Retire With Money

It's Never Too Late To Save For Retirement

Many of us don't know how to safely save for retirement. The Key is to have a lifetime income. It's so scary, though, with the ups and downs of the market. Paul Penland with Commonwealth Estate Planning takes the scary out of the equation and give some advice on how he will protect your money for...
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