Tesla on Autopilot Crashes Into Police Car as Driver Watches Movie on Phone

A Tesla Model S slammed into a cop car on Wednesday night while the driver was preoccupied. The car was on autopilot and the driver was watching a movie on his phone when the accident occurred. Read more now.
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Wicker and Wilde

This Ain't Your Parents' Jeep Wagoneer

Jeep is set to reveal a new Grand Wagoneer and a new Wrangler
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Reminder: Run Your Car 'Once a Week' During COVID-19 Pandemic

One thing you might have lost track of by staying at home during the pandemic is your car. It’s important to run it every once in a while to avoid some typical problems. See the details.
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Vehicle Recall

Over 700,000 Vehicles Are Recalled

Recall of Toyota and Lexus vehicles
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Exxon Customers Can Soon Use Alexa to Pay for Gas from the Car

"Alexa, pay for my gas." If you have Amazon's Alexa , you probably know you can already turn on and off the lights at home, buy movie tickets and find cool restaurant recommendations. Now, drivers will soon be able to use Alexa to pay for gas while sitting in their vehicle. Alexa will now pay for...
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Uh Oh......Subaru Recalls 400,000 Vehicles

Subaru Recalls over 400.000 vehicles because of a crash risk
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Feel Good On The :50's - This Young Woman Can't Afford A Car. Guess Who Helped Her Out?

A young woman left the car dealership in tears when she and the sales person realized she couldn't afford a car. She works 2 jobs while putting herself through nursing school and it's not enough. A man buying a new car asked about her when she left. He then asked the sales person to call her and...
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Feel Good On The :50's - This Fast Food Employee Teased A Customer

Their relationship started off stranger than most. She ended up being in need and THIS is how he helped her out. #amazing
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A Single Mom's Life Changing Gift

We often take having a car for granted. This single mom's life has been a struggle until Midas changes her life through a new program they have. Find out more and see the heart melting video HERE
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