bud light

103-Year-Old Great-Great Grandmother Beats Coronavirus and Throws Back a Bud Light

Jennie Stenja, a 103-year-old woman from Massachusetts, celebrated her recent recovery from coronavirus by enjoying an ice cold Bud Light. Raise your glass!
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Washington Nationals Bud light guy

Is this guys 15 minutes up yet?

Washington DC, So when Jeff Adams, a Washington Nationals fan went up for a beer in game 5 of the World Series, he came back a celebrity . A home run grand slam headed towards him as he made his way back to his seat, what most people would do is drop the two beers and catch the ball. Nope this guy...
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Super Bowl

SCREENSHOTS: All the Best Movie and TV Trailers From the Super Bowl

From 'Avengers: Endgame' to 'Game Of Thrones', most of the action took place in the commercials on Sunday
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