Wicker and Wilde

Betty White’s Tips For A Long Life

Tips for a long life from Betty White
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Things You'll Regret Wasting Time On When You're Older

The Morning Mix with Wicker and Wilde are the King and Queen of wasting time! LOL......When you're young, it seems like you've got forever. Then you get a few more years under your belt and realize you WASTED a lot of time. Here are four things we regret wasting time on as we get older . . . 1. Not...
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Learn How To Retire With Money

It's Never Too Late To Save For Retirement

Many of us don't know how to safely save for retirement. The Key is to have a lifetime income. It's so scary, though, with the ups and downs of the market. Paul Penland with Commonwealth Estate Planning takes the scary out of the equation and give some advice on how he will protect your money for...
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