Pedigree Is Hosting Virtual Dog Adoptions Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you lonely during the coronavirus pandemic? Pedigree, the company known for its dog food, is hosting dog adoptions via Zoom amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Busch Offering Free Beer to Anyone Who Fosters or Adopts a Dog During Pandemic

The best way to spend your time in self-quarantine? With free beer in hand and a furry friend by your side. Busch’s new initiative aims to help clear out the shelters and find pups a new home amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Read more.
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Adoption hearing with kindergartners class in attendance

A kindergartner invites his whole class to his adoption proceedings

A kindergartner in Michigan invited his entire class to the adoption hearing and it will warm your heart. This is a perfect story to read as we're in the Holiday Season. See how it looked and how it all went down HERE
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Kindergartener Invites Whole Class to His Adoption Hearing

In a packed courtroom filled with kids, one boy’s life was about to change forever. Michael Clark Jr., from East Grand Rapids, Michigan was over the moon about his adoption day . He was so excited that he invited his whole kindergarten class to his adoption hearing, according to Good Morning...
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Feel Good On The :50's - A Baby Girl In The NICU Has No Visitors For 5 Months

Yes, this little baby had no visitors for 5 months. No parents, no relatives. Then a woman who worked at the hospital fell madly in love with her. What. A. Story.
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