Wicker & Wilde

Weekdays 5:30-10am

Wake up with "Wicker & Wilde!" Jeff Wicker and Rebecca Wilde keep you up to date with what is happening in and around town! They share their lives and experiences with their listeners every day on the show.

Jeff and Rebecca love calling Richmond home.  Jeff lives out in the Burbs and Bex is in the Bottom. At a restaurant Jeff is likely to have the steak and Rebecca will have the fish but may start with dessert.  They both enjoy our fabulous Craft Breweries and are known to savor a glass of wine.  They can both be seen out walking their kids…..Jeff’s are human and Rebecca’s are furry and all are loved equally.  Jeff and his family sponsor Wicker Warriors to support JDRF to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. 

They cover Richmond every morning with "3 Things You Need To Know," "Feel Good on the 50’s" and timely and topical guests.  Thank you for waking with Jeff and Rebecca and Mix 98.1!

PHOTO CREDIT: Brittany Blakley