Wednesday, March 14th


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Okay side to get that right. Now I I love dogs loving animals so when this came my way I was like yes yes yes what did dogs teaches about faith. I mean everything right. Yeah it worked tell me what got you interested in writing this book about dunks. Got me interested in the red dog. I was on my way home from work. 1 morning to network devices don't give up that morning. And those mark is fairly outside that took the scenic route home. And if I mean that we it was I mean like perfect day. And when I got to the weather the spotlight. Our truck pulled up next to me and it was a dog that was sitting in the drivers that. There have been elected dog just look at it meet despite. That it's where they feel like he had no problems they. In the columnist said in my mind it was went back in my mind I was they can write well. That's how far the darkest part because you know five years ago. The dog. They had talked album there would be out there saying. He grabbed from the table and that dog of that in the immune look at that. You know like. I got a guy who killed a top billed beaches you know. Everything in that debate that part about this dog never expert in then yes but it did give into them because of the way the is obedient and you'll see an untraditional. That and so toward me. I love the hat and this is like it appoint your life for this really made a difference right. Yes indeed via C. It is. Would it probably would if by so saying. Let me know. To get the vote that got so me. That the way to adopt sword masters and it transformed my life because I would like outback Nadal. All of I admiral oh hole. And all the has formalized its available the end and so that they characteristic that the dog be. Talk about it. Appear that that's going to be the dog in particular in the Bible Decatur and well and she did did you consider that dog to the June. At our door other. What back to Bible that you actually have it seems gorgeous though. It would seem that that you would indeed do you call her doll is expected that they've yet on the but the dog in the crook for method paperwork that most of which impacted. And her daughter were remembered that there are certain now. No yeah I do you limit to two that your pastor at first love ministry in the Chicago area so. You're doing all kinds of cool things and I'm just an on the view and and I'm so honored what do you think prevents people from committing to having fake. I think what it is it's. Would admit you are initiated. That this could impart you know because did take it to play and it's admit it and she will have they connected because what you would do everything that you wanna do. Of no. If they have no no straight contests you. But when you could face yeah that Kia you don't get as got to give him a target of commitment and discipline. And you know that cost you know. Night right. Well not it's a common do you think for faith to be a last resort for many people when they reached rock bottom. Before they decide to have faith. Because you know when. It be good news. When I went out and generic you know. Really taught I was normal. So I was. Because I Obama in their cultures did. You know this is an idea that you got me this isn't the way of life and this is you know this is what we do. We would have it would almost. And you know I was it was almost as true as one. I was born and operated the same time. In my heart break it in Iraq that did die that. And when I hit. That amount that would that wanted to highlight. Yeah there it went straight keeping. But what do you say to people who who synch problems never go away even though they have faith. You're gonna like that mica. K dated problems that go web Pate you've got to have hope. Eight yeah hole it is you know I thought well hold. You never give up. You know. Yeah that's too and I always felt like if you have faced. Yeah you can't really question you just gotta know that god gonna go through it with you. Did you know. And I felt like faith makes life easier habit you. That you wasted somebody you know what you see in the mid. Into wage is that. According to. War. Oh he wanted to give you know he. You know. And are they. You've been blessed. To be a blessing man friend and I'm dissent tickled that you've done this on Doug faced. Is now why do dogs teaches about they sell much how we teach you how can only fun you let's face car how do we get up with you. Okay you're doing it because it yet have a are held Iran's junior all day in the you get that he didn't get it out candidate. Or MySpace page are right and just booked on a State Department right. Well I I think Q what a blessing. And it's like you read this book for all the pet lovers and everybody else is out there searching for fates are he has that faith that. Such an important time gain she's so much for sharing. All right have a blessed day. He keep up I.