Rebecca Wilde

Hi!  My name is Rebecca Wilde and you can call me Bex!  I am so thrilled to be part of Wicker in the Morning, with Jeff and Rebecca.  That’s me!  I am all about having fun.  I love being positive because life is what you make it and I LOVE my fur babies.  Anything else you need to know about me you can devise from these simple questions.  I hope.  If not, feel free to email me or hook up with me on FB or Insta. 

Favorite Food?  Dessert​

Favorite Car?  Any one that is a manual.  No automatics for this girl.

Favorite Movies?  Tough question and depends on the day.  RED, The Princess Bride, Young Frankenstein, Say Anything and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir are currently on my brain. 

Sugar or Salt?  See above. However, I won’t say no to salted caramel.

Special Skill? I can make Jeff Wicker’s jaw drop in under 3 seconds.  LOL

Favorite thing about Jeff Wicker?  He can make ME laugh in under 3 seconds.

What would your autobiography be called?  Oh, NO.  She did it again?!

PHOTO CREDIT: Brittany Blakley

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