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Kat Simons

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I was born and raised in Elkins WV-grew up on farm and my love of animals has always been present….So I enjoy Charity work for local rescue groups am Vice-President of Richmond Hero and have kittys-fish-birds and my dog Stevie (all rescue) I also enjoy all charity work and feel radio has given me this opportunity. Some of my charity groups include Richmond and Hanover ARC….Relay for Life….The VA…USO….The Alzheimer’s Association…Arthritis Association….SPARC…Faison…Children’s Hospital…The READ center....Diabetes Association and more. I worked in Radio in my hometown…then Clarksburg and Morgantown WV…Louisville Kentucky…Lived in Kitty Hawk, NC where I did radio and Beach TVFor the last 20 plus years I have been in Richmond. Free time…The Beach…writing….animals….and Racing

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