Archived video of Golden Girl dancing with "Erkel" at an Awards Show will make your Monday

August 10, 2020
Golden Girl dancing at an Awards Show is everything

We all love the "Golden Girls" and now that's it's on 24/7 on the Hallmark Channel, we love it all over again.

It was on at my Grandparents house every Saturday Night.

The show ran from 1985-1992 and addressed alot of social issues and tackled stereotypes.

Bea Arthur who played the stiff but most logical character "Dorothy Zbornak" was always quit-witted and was chasing down her MA "Sofia Petrillo".

That's why when I found this archived video of Bea Arthur dancing to "The Erkel Dance" on stage with Erkel (Jaleel White) from Family Matters, I had to share it.

She's breaking away from the serious, sarcastic Dorothy character and shows off her moves.

Watch the video from the 1991 Comedy Awards HERE

Check out Dorothy's dance moves!!