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Your Partner Could Be Ruining Your Diet

By: Kelly Meyers

July 4, 2018

Not able to commit to that diet? It may be your partner’s fault, according to a new study.

The study was conducted by Weight Watchers, and it suggests that your boo can be your biggest ally or enemy in accomplishing your weight loss goals.

If a couple works at losing weight and getting fit together, you are more likely to succeed. This makes sense too, of course. It's hard to watch what you eat if the person you're with is constantly bringing junk food into the house.

In fact, just being around a partner can make for bad influences when you’re trying to diet. There’s something about watching your boo eat ice cream when you’re not supposed to have any yourself that can really derail your diet.

In extreme cases, a person will go to any length to try and derail your diet and exercise regimen as a way of controlling you. This isn't a healthy relationship and ultimately you need to rid yourself of this toxic force. 

But here's the good news. Even if your partner isn't on your weight loss train, they may be influenced by your diet. If they see a change in you, it may help them lose some weight too.