The Majority Of People Are Cheating On Their Spouse

You Won't Believe With Who......or What?!

February 11, 2020
cheating spouse

Do you sometimes sneak around on your significant other to have a dirty, shameful, late-night meetup . . . with a chicken sandwich?  Wicker and Wilde certainly endulge in late-night snacking........

According to a new survey, the majority of Americans say they're cheating on their partner with FOOD.

71% of people say they sometimes secretly make unhealthy food choices behind their partner's back.  And 55% have hidden food from their partner somewhere in the house.

But even though people are secretive about their bad eating, many say their partner is actually beneficial in keeping them eating healthy.

While 68% of people say their S.O. negatively influences their eating habits, another 75% believe they’ve helped their partner eat healthier overall.

49% say they trust their partner to motivate them to stick with their healthy eating.

77% of people say their partner has had a positive influence on their overall life and well-being.

As for how, 62% say their partner has encouraged them to eat healthier, while 59% say they’ve gotten them to exercise more. 

cheating spouse