Your Fast-Food Drive-Thru May Be Going Away

October 17, 2019

Your Fast-Food Drive-Thru may be going away.  It's already happening in cities like Minneapolis, MN and Fair Haven, NJ to name just a couple.  These communities worry about the air pollution from idling cars, noise pollution, litter and the rising rates of obesity.  Some cities are thinking about asthetics considering they think it looks bad with a line of cars around and down the block, which also blocks access to other businesses and is a danger to pedestrians. 

This would apply to new construction only so your favorite place would still around. 

But what if they went away.....Would you get out of your car if you have to?  Would you be forced to bring your lunch? 

Long Beach, California has suspended the construction of Drive-Thru's for 6 months while they study the issue. Other cities are toying with the idea.


And Wicker and Wilde will see you in the Drive-Thru!  LOL