Looking For A New Job? You're Not Alone...Job-Hopping Is On The Rise

But Will It Hurt You In The End?

July 25, 2019

A new study says that 32% of us are going to, or are currently, looking for a new job.  What's crazy though is that even when you get one it may not be good enough.  Back in the day you most-likely wouldn't get hired if you had short stints on your resume......employers disliked job-hopping because they couldn't rely that you would stay at their place of employment.  That's not the case anymore.  Employers are finding that they need to work on keeping employees who, even if they will make less money, rely on benefits to keep them happy - benefits like educational opportunities, nap time (no we are not making this up), more days off with pay, half-day Fridays, etc.  If that employee doesn't get what they want in a reasonable amount of time then off they go to another job. 

Job-hopping is becoming more mainstream and accepted, so much so that 67% of employers say that 1/4 of new hires don't show up on the first day of work.  It turns out many of the new hires are STILL job searching after accepting a position, while the background check is taking place!  So the experts say that maybe, instead of just looking for a job, you should instead start building on a career.  Ultimately it's up to you but what benefit is it if you are constantly looking for a new job?  Experts say with a career you are building something to be proud of later in life and, in the immediate future, will make you wake up with a better attitude.  You will have more of an opportunity to grow your income with each year to come and a career, instead of "just a job" will help give you more of a sense of identity.  

Right now, according to this survey, it's half and half as far as whether or not we feel we have a "job" or a "career."  Which is you?  And are you happy?  If not you may wanna change things up.  Life is short but work is a large part of what we do.  Good luck~ 

Here is the article that helped get this blog started:)