Could Winter Be The Cure To The Coronavirus?

May 7, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

Wicker and Wilde aren't big on winter, except when it's close to Christmas, however, we are both big fans of Winter, the Llama!

Winter is a Chocolate-colored Llama who lives in Belgium and researchers have found that antibodies Winter's blood seem to block coronavirus from infecting cells. Antibodies is the "IT" word right now with lots of stories being shared about former Coronavirus patients giving doctors and scientists their antibodies to see if they can help fight the virus.  Winter's antibodies seem to be even better than a humans' because they are smaller and can get into tiny areas that the protein spikes of the virus may be hiding in.  Read the article if you wanna get into the nitty gritty.  But what an encouraging breakthrough as experts rush to fine a cure or a vaccine.  Crossing fingers!