What To Do When You Are Given A Gift....And You Don't Have One To Give Back

Don't Worry These Tips May Help You out

December 9, 2019
Given a Gift When You don't have one to give

This won't be the last Christmas this happens........you are given a gift by someone and you don't have one to give back.  Eeek!!  It's happened to all of us but what is the appropriate thing to do? 

Lie? "Oh I forgot my gift to you at Home." 

The experts say, no, don't fib and pretend you bought something for them already when you haven't.  Why stress over the guilt about how they'll take the fact you didn't get them anything?  The best course of action is to look that person right in the eye and say......."thank you!"  Etiquette expert Diana Gottsmand says, “Respond in the same spirit that the gift was given. Smile, make direct eye contact, show genuine appreciation and say, ‘You are so thoughtful. Thanks for thinking of me.’ Decide later if you would like to give them a gift in kind, but there’s no obligation.”

Susan Newman, the author of The Book of No: 365 Ways to Say it and Mean it―and Stop People-Pleasing Forever also believes that honesty is the best policy. She says it happened to her once when someone she knew gave her a gift yet she had nothing in return for the woman.  She said something like,  ‘I didn’t know we were exchanging presents. I feel terrible I have nothing for you, but I just love this gift. Thank you,’ and suggests you just leave it at that.  

Another etiquette expert suggests keeping inexpensive gifts around for just such an occasion.   Jacqueline Whitmore says she keeps $10 gift cards and other small gifts in a closet in the office in case someone unexpectedly gives her a gift.

Oh and by the way if you give a gift to someone and you haven't discussed exchanging gifts, don't expect anything in return.  Happy Giving.....and receiving. And Happy Holidays from YOUR Morning Show, Wicker and Wilde

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