The Wienermobile Is Looking For A New Crew

Want A New Job

January 14, 2021
Wicker and Wilde

Holy Hot dog, Batman! Wicker and Wilde think this would be a dream job and would do it in a sec, but it's for college grads.  Wah Wah.........But if that's you then listen up!

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is hiring a new crew with a love of hot dogs and hot dog puns.

That's because they'll be driving a 27-foot-long car shaped like a hot dog across the country, meeting fans at more than 200 events. Creating social media content is part of the job. The job starts in June and lasts for a year.

Recent college graduates are urged to apply online for a chance to become the 34th class of hotdoggers. The deadline is January 31st.

Good luck and if you get it let us know! Wicker and Wilde, 1-833-804-9898 Monday-Friday 5:50a-10a