A Virtual Father's Day Doesn't Have To Be A Lonely Father's Day

These Are Some Ideas

June 10, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

Wicker and Wilde know that some people haven't seen their parents in months due to the pandemic.  Wicker considers himself lucky that he gets to spend each day with his kids.  Rebecca Wilde isn't so lucky and is one of those who hasn't seen her Pops in too long of a time.  Well, for those of you, like Rebecca, who still want to celebrate with dad, albeit apart, here are some great ideas: 

Watch a movie or TV show together - If you and Dad have a special movie or show you both love, stream it and watch it together with Netflix Party or Metastream.

Cook or bake something together - Check out a cooking video online with Dad and have fun in creating a dish in your own kitchens together.

Order Dad's favorite dinner - And if your dad’s not much of a cook, order his favorite meal and have it delivered on Father’s Day.

Look through some old pictures and videos together - While you’re video chatting, go through photos and share your family memories and stories.

Visit a museum virtually - Celebrate Father’s Day with an online trip to a museum with Dad. If he’s a history buff, check out the Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies on the British Museum’s virtual tour or if he’s a science guy, explore NASA's research centers with him.

Play games - Enjoy some friendly competition with a few rounds of Scattergories, Texas Hold ‘Em, or whatever your father’s favorite game is.

Watch a livestream concert - Just because Dad can’t go see his favorite band in person right now doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy a concert on Father’s Day. All kinds of artists are doing livestream concerts and you can always find oldies but goodies online.

Have a virtual tasting - If your dad’s a scotch, beer, or wine drinker, send him some new ones to sample while you video chat. You can also look up facts about each one and discuss them while you swirl, smell, and sip.

And to all of you Dad's......Happy Father's Day from Wicker and Wilde and the entire Mix 98.1 family. mwah!