Stupid Valentine's Day Stats And Why You're Not Alone If You Do THIS

Plus The Valentine's Worst Gifts EVER! LOL

January 29, 2020
Valentine's Day

Wicker and Wilde here, reminding you that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  We know you are super excited if you're single (wink wink).

Here's the thing, though, even if it's easier said than done you shouldn't feel the pressure to not be alone.  But if you are solo on VD and don't wanna be, you are not alone if you start surfing the dating sites.  

A new survey finds:

63% of online dating users say they feel lonely during the month of February.

This could be why 45% say they turn to online dating as a quick fix for their anxiety or sadness.

In the U.S., online dating activity goes up 33% between February 1st and February 14th.

Southern states, like Alabama, Texas, Tennessee and yes, Virginia see the largest increase in online dating activity as Valentine’s Day approaches. We wonder if that's because we hate the cold and need a good cuddle.

Either way, Happy Valentine's Day and with Wicker and Wilde you're never alone......but if you wanna cuddle you gotta listen weekday mornings 5:30a-10a Ha!

Now that we have the stats out of the way let's get to the prezzies! 

If you do have someone to snuggle with these are considered the worst Valentine's gift ever.  So don't give these if you wanna still be cuddling by February 15th.

Here are the worst Valentine's Gifts EVER:

- A used candle

- An exes leftover clothing

- Pink shaving cream - Wait, Rebecca Wilde didn't know there is PINK shaving cream.  She needs this in her life!

- A sports team themed lighter

- Hair ties

- A picture of a gift ordered online that did not arrive in time

- A card themed for the wrong holiday

- A date night coupon

- Sweatpants

- Heart shaped paper clips

- A twenty dollar bill

- A pet goldfish

- Beef jerky bouquet 

Valentine's Day