Tricks for Remembering Someone's Name

Most Of Us Forget Almost Immediately

November 6, 2019

Jeff Wicker thinks Rebecca Wilde is good at remembering people's names when she meets them but she probably isn't as great as he thinks.  Now, that being said Wilde will remember your dogs name when she meets you both.  

So many holiday parties will be coming up and you may meet a bunch new people. 

If you, too, are bad at remembering names you are not alone.  In fact 65% of people in a recent survey said that they often forget someone's name.  Will you ask them again if you forget? Only 25% would ask them to repeat it.  So how do you prevent forgetting it in the first place?  From Psychology Today here are 6 tricks for remembering names . . .

Step 1:  Focus.  Don't let yourself get distracted by something, including your own social anxiety.  If you're really in the moment, you won't forget so easily.

Step 2:  Repeat their name back to them immediately.  Saying something like, "Nice to meet you, Tom" really helps your brain process it.

Step 3:  Associate it with something meaningful to you.  Like that you have a "tom cat," or that your favorite actor is Tom Hanks.

Step 4:  Form a mental image between the person and your association.  Like if their name is Victoria and it reminds you of Queen Victoria, picture them wearing a crown.  The sillier the better, because silly things are more memorable.

Step 5:  Connect their appearance to their name.  Like maybe Victoria is wearing a V-neck sweater.  That "V" alone might help you remember later on.

Step 6:  Keep repeating their name.  Say it again in conversation a few minutes later . . . then again as you're saying goodbye . . . and maybe even to yourself on the car ride home.  Repeating it over and over helps make it a long-term memory. 

Hopefully that helps and if Wicker and Wilde meet you we promise to remember your name. Okay, we'll at least try to remember......Mwah!