The Top Worries After Leaving the House Include "Did I Lock the Door?"

October 9, 2020

Wicker and Wilde are the worst when they leave the house...they both do this and we are betting you do, too.

Someone polled people to find the top things we worry we FORGOT to do after leaving the house.  Here are the top ten things we stress about . . .

1.  "Did I leave the door unlocked?"

2.  "Did I leave a window open?"

3.  "Did I leave something plugged in?"

4.  "Did I leave the iron on?"

5.  "Did I turn the oven off?"

6.  "Did I turn the burner on the stove off the whole way?"

7.  "Did I leave the sink on?"

8.  "Is my hair curler or straightener still on?"

9.  "Did I leave something valuable sitting out?"  Because a burglar might see it through a window and break in.

10.  "Did I leave the gate open?" 

Leaving the heat, lights, and TV on also made the top 20.