Top Toys We Loved As Kids And Those Toys That Stand The Test Of Time

And We Plan On Giving Them To OUR Kids

September 10, 2019

These days there seems to be a ton of different, fancy toys for kids to play with, but some classic toys never go out of style, and now adults are sharing their thoughts on their favorite toys they had growing up.

The Morning Mix with Wicker and Wilde have their picks.  Jeff Wicker's favorite toy growing up was Lincoln Logs.  Rebecca Wilde just loved her Nite Brite!  Both of which are still on sale.  (side note we BOTH miss Toys R Us)

According to a new poll nearly half of parents say their favorite childhood toy is still being sold today, with 84% planning to buy that toy for their child.

So, what toys did YOU love most when you were a kid?  Mr. Potato Head tops the list, followed by Trolls.

Top Ten Toys Adults Loved As Kids

1. Mr. Potato Head

2. Trolls

3. Play-Doh

4. My Little Pony

5. Toy phones

6. Furby

7. Puzzles

8. Building blocks

9. Yoyo

10. Bicycles

And there are plenty of classic toys that never seem to go out of style, and are loved by kids year after year.  The poll finds that the toy that best stands the test of time is Play Doh. 

Top Ten Toys That Stand The Test Of Time

1. Play Doh

2. Mr. Potato Head

3. Trolls

4. My Little Pony

5. Furby

6. Puzzles

7. Toy phone

8. Bop It

9. Building blocks

10. Bicycle