Something In Your Home Is In Prime Position To Send You To The E.R.

No, It's Not Your Carpet And This Hurts Men More Often

September 17, 2020
Wicker and Wilde

A new study s found that the glass coffee table in your living room might be a DEATH TRAPWicker and Wilde both have glass coffee tables and yes, both have tripped over them, but thankfully we both just got a bruise and not a trip to the E.R.

Glass tables cause over 2.5 million injuries a year!  And kids are more likely to hurt themselves than adults.

Researchers looked at over 3,000 cases.  Here are four quick stats . . .

1.  The groups that hurt themselves the most are little kids and young adults in their early 20's.  Maybe because both groups are more likely to climb or stand on them.

2.  55% of injuries involved deep cuts.  

3.  The body parts you're most likely to hurt on a glass table are your wrist, hands, and fingers.  But not always from putting your hand through glass.  A lot of people cut themselves picking up broken glass AFTER a table breaks.

4.  Men are more than twice as likely as women to hurt themselves on a glass table.