Memorial Day Weekend Musts.....

These May Make Your Weekend Even More Fun!

May 24, 2019

It's Memorial Day Weekend when we honor those Men and Women who gave their lives during active military service.  It's also a time we enjoy a 3 day weekend and grill out, spend time with family, head out of town and have an extra day off.  The Morning Mix with Wicker and Wilde have a few suggestions to help keep you safe, healthy and happy!  Have a great weekend....we love you RVA!

-Have patience on the road....we've seen some terrible accients in the last few day.  Take your time, have a great mix tape to play on the road and for Heaven's sake make sure you stock your car with lots of snacks.

-Wear sunscreen.....apply it throughout the day and after you have been in water. Protect your face with a cute hat!

-Beware of riptides.  If you do get caught in one try to stay calm and swim parallel to the shore.  

-Stay hydrated!!  Especially if you are drinking adult beverages......dehydration will sneak up on you.

-Don't leave children and/or pets in a hot car......even with the windows down.  HEAT KILLS

-And PLEASE Don't Drink and Uber or Lyft, get a hotel room or call a friend.......

-And Have Fun!!  Take lots of pictures:)