Things People Will Never Stop Complaining About. Does This Sound Like You?

August 30, 2019

There are some things that just drive people crazy and no matter how easy it would be to get over it, folks just can’t, and they continue to complain no matter how much it aggravates them. 

Well, thanks to a Reddit user who asked, "What will you never stop complaining about?" we now know some of those infuriating things.

Things people will never stop complaining about include:

"People that throw garbage out of their car window, or litter anywhere in general. I get so angry!"

"People that take one step through a door then immediately stop moving.

"It drives me wild when I see people with no social or spatial awareness that stand right behind you in line."

"it's not the heat, it's the humidity that gets you.' Thanks, guy, I instantly feel cooler now that I am armed with that knowledge."

"People who stand right on top of the baggage carousel at the airport so no one behind them can see or get their bags. If you’d all step back, we’d all be able to see and grab our bags in an orderly fashion."

"People play 'I Will Always Love You' as their first dance song at their weddings, but do people not realize it's a breakup song?"

"Mosquitos. Gosh I hate those little things."

“People who watch videos or listen to things in a public place without headphones."

"Women’s clothes not having pockets or a sufficient number of belt loops. WITNESS MY RAGE!" LOL!!

"People who take too long ordering at the drive-thru. The drive-thru is for ordering food quickly. If you don't know what you want, have a large order, or are ordering for multiple people, go inside."

Here is the original article. But what if you DIDN'T complain?  There is a challenge going around that asks if you could go a month without complaining.  Rebecca Wilde isn't sure she could go a day but it's worth a try!