Kids Tell Us What Kinds Of Things They Want To Do With Their Parents

It May Not Be What You Expect

August 8, 2019

Do you ever wonder what your kids would really like to do with you?  You know, like go to the movies or putt putt like this picture of Jeff with his daughter Addy?  Believe it or not a new study says that your kids just want a chance to bond with you no matter what the activity.  The same study shows YOU want the same thing.  70% of parents want to spend more quality of time with their kids.  

Now, when it comes to how to spend quality time together, the answers vary a bit.  As far as what the kids want to do, going to the beach was the number one answer!  How fun and we are so close VA Beach that hopefully it's not too much of a hassle to get the kids there a few times out of the year.  Believe it or not exercising with their parent is the second most popular answer.  Can you believe it? Here are the other top answers:

-Play sports

-Go to the pool

-Go to the movies

-Play at a park


-Take a day trip (zoo, museum, amusement park, etc.) BTW, the Science Museum of VA is having another Science After Dark: Play Dough Night tomorrow night!  There will be 650 lbs. of Play Dough to play with!

-Play video games

-Go shopping

-Go out to dinner together

As for what parents want to do most with their kids, take a peek and see if you agree with what this survey says.  The top answer was to eat a meal together followed by helping their kids with homework.  These are the rest of the activities:

-Watch movies at home

-Bath time/getting ready for bed

-Make a meal together

-Read bedtime stories

-Go shopping

-Play video games

One last nugget of info to consider, when it comes to which parent kids want to spend time with more, it’s a toss up. This survey 69% of kids would love to have more one-on-one time with mom, while 72% would want it with dad. 

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