When Life Is Just Too Much, These Are Just What You Need

No Exercise Required!

October 1, 2019

You may have come out to leave for work today and one of the tires on your car is flat.  You get to work and you didn't get your promotion.  You failed a final exam.  Whatever your age, whatever your job sometimes it gets to be all too much. However, you may be able to feel better in just a few minutes or by the end of the day.  

1. Seek out something or someone who makes you laugh. - Everything always gets better with a good joke. 

2. Nourish your senses. - There’s something about cinnamon that’ll bring you back to those mornings of grandma’s cooking!

3. Hug someone you love. - Being surrounded by people who actually care about you does something to your spirit. You can’t help but smile.

4. Accomplish one-tiny thing. - Eating a salad for lunch like you promised you’d do today makes you feel like you’re being productive. 

5. Help someone else. - Pointing that lady in the right direction just helped her get to her destination without wasting any more time. Believe her happiness is transferring over to you.

6. Write your feelings down. - When you see “happy” and “hilarious” written down in front of you, you can’t help but feel that way.

7. Get some fresh air, nature, and sunlight. - There’s nothing like getting a breath of fresh air on a nice sunny day. Put your face up to the sun and let it warm you.

8. Express gratitude. - What are you thankful for? Start going down that list, and you may just smile at the thought. Plus these pics might help....especially the doggy! Look at his smile:)